“Food how it’s supposed to be. Come in and taste the difference”

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You are beautiful. You are alive. You care about the World. You are inspiring. You are inspiring me, right now.

The History

Lilli Pilli Health Bar is devoted to a better way of living.Real local, real organic, real juice, real food. This is not your supermarket's organic aisle, nor is it your health food market's juice aisle. It’s better for you, it tastes unbelievably good. Where I grew up in Australia, there were no supermarkets. What the farmer grew was what was available so everything was truly seasonal. Fruits & vegetables are a necessity, and here at Lilli Pilli this is how we believe eating should be. The ingredients we use here are non-processed, simple and wholesome so you can thrive, heal and help both your body and mind to flourish. We provide creative and delicious combinations for proper nutrition, at proper portion sizes, no matter what stage of “healthy” living you’re at in your journey. Whether you decided to finally give up fast-food yesterday, or you function solely on spin classes and kale juice, we’ve got you covered.

We offer 1, 2, 3, up to a 5 day cleanse. We don’t recommend more than a 5 day juice cleanse. • For most people, 6 juices per day is enough, but remember, everyone is different, no 2 bodies are the same, so some people might need up to 8.
• Remember, there are no hard and fast rules, you can choose what juice you drink in what order, but it is recommended that your nut mylk is either your lunch or dinner.
• Drink a lot of cool, clean fresh water, it keeps you hydrated, and helps flush your system of toxins. You can also enjoy herbal or green tea for added antioxidants.
• Always wait 20 minutes between juices.
• You don’t have to drink an entire bottle at one time, you can split it up into 2 servings, particularly if you're feeling like you need a boost or a snack.
• Drink the Juices regularly every 2 to 3 hours.

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